We offer a variety of professional services to support all your business needs.

Whether you are looking to create an internet presence for the first time, whether you want to extend an existing website, (internet application, e-business, corporate intranet application) if you are looking for a web host, we provide a wide array of services.

Specialized people and in-house division of teams are responsible for different services. Each team has the professional expertise required in order to develop the best solutions for you.
Web Development

We have a history in providing creative and innovative web designs for businesses of all sizes. We also provide web content through professionally designed dynamic databases.

Business Web Solutions

We understand the specific challenges businesses face today, and we provide everything you need to build, promote and manage your growing business online, quickly and easily!

Media Web Solutions

We offer the best Online Media web solution and Live Stream broadcasting to face the online publishing challenges of this era.

Web Hosting

Microtech own and run a complete data center located at the head office at the United Stats of America.

Electronic Marketing

We can help promote your website on the internet in order to increase traffic, thereby ensuring its reach to your potential customers.
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